Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use your products?

We encourage you to use our BBQ sauces on all meats as well other foods. Our BBQ sauces ad flavor to many of the foods you like, though you may have not yet tried them.
You can use any of our BBQ sauces on chicken, beef, pork and fish. Ad one of our sauces to enhance the flavor of pasta, tofu, scrambled eggs, chicken wings, chili, pizza, cocktail wieners. Our sauce is so good, you can just dip bread in it and enjoy. We have customers using our BBQ sauces for steak sauce and to marinate meat with before cooking. Try adding some sauce to the water next time you make rice or to your beans to give them a kick.

Our Bloody Mary mix is also great to use in foods. Marinate ground beef or sausage to make spicy meatballs, ad to spaghetti sauce or meatloaf. Ad some to your slow cooker, or make oyster shooters! Spice up tomato tomato soup, shrimp cocktail, or marinate meat and vegetable skewers before grilling. Ad some mix to your salsa, make Gazpacho, or use to spice up a dip. There are numerous ways to use our products to enhance the flavors of the foods you love. Experiment yourself and contact us to share how you like our products best.

How long do your products last?

1934 BBQ Sauces are made for retail stores in 14 oz. glass bottles (which can be recycled) providing the product an 18 month shelf life from the manufacture date. In addition to retail, we manufacture our sauces for the food service industry in 1 and 5 gallon plastic containers. The 1 gallon containers have a  9 month shelf life, and the 5 gallon buckets have a 6 month shelf life from manufacture date.  Our Bloody Mary mix comes in a 32 oz. glass bottle with a 18 month shelf life from manufacture date.

Do I need to refrigerate 1934 products?

No, there is no need (food safety) reason to refrigerate our BBQ sauces. Our sauces are ketchup based and are shelf stable like ketchup and mustard.  We do recommend keeping the bottles in the refrigerator or in pantry away from intense or direct light. You should refrigerate our Bloody Mary mix when not in use.

What are the Ingredients in your sauces?

A complete list of ingredients for all our products are listed below.
Is there sugar in it?
Yes, there is some sugar in our products, but it is lower than most other sauces.

How do your BBQ sauces compare to other sauces on the market?

Our 1934 “Original” sauce is the second oldest BBQ sauce in the US. We make all our sauces like our Original sauce was made nearly 90 years ago, using the finest premium spices and ingredients. We are not like other companies that ad water to increase the yield of a batch to decrease the cost. When this is done, additives like Xanthan gum are used to thicken the watered down sauce, then sugar and liquid smoke for flavoring is added. Our sauces start with a premium blend of ketchup, we then ad  finest spices available and Ancho chilies to provide the highest quality product with a superior taste. Since our products are not watered down, you can feel the texture of the spices on your tongue. That’s quality!

Why does it taste so good?

Because we use the highest quality ingredients available with no chemicals, fillers, preservatives, additives, water or liquid flavoring. See “How do your BBQ sauces compare to other sauces on the market?” above.

Where can I buy 1934 products?

1934 products are currently available in select stores spread across the country. We are continuously growing into more areas. Look on our home page for a list of locations.

Do you offer any other sizes than what’s currently available online?
Yes, we offer larger options of our BBQ sauces for food service. Please email to inquire about pricing for these items.

Can I buy it online?

Yes! 1934 products are available for purchase online here.

Is it gluten free?

No, our products contain Worcestershire sauce. And while the sauce does not contain Anchovies; it does contain soy sauce, and there is gluten in the soy sauce.

What does 1934 symbolize in your logo?

1934 was the year our “Original” BBQ sauce was created in Waco, Texas.





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