BBQ Sauce

Created in Waco, Texas in 1934 our "Original" BBQ sauce is Central Texas' oldest sauce.

Made from quality spices with no added water, preservatives, xanthan gum, or smoke flavoring.

Taste a "true" Texas Original!

Recipe tips for our sauces...

  • Beef, Fish, Chicken, Pork – baste with our sauces to allow sauce to caramelize creating a wonderful glaze. (our sauces are low in sugar and will not burn on your meat.)
  • Hamburgers – baste on meat while it is cooking. Or mix into meat while forming patties.
  • Chicken Sandwiches – baste chicken while cooking.
  • Wings – our sauces are awesome on wings! (grill, fry, bake or broil your wings; then place in bowl and mix with sauce…..or baste wings with sauce while cooking).
  • Chili – add some sauce to your favorite chili and taste the difference.
  • Steak sauce? Try some 1934 sauce on your favorite steak.
  • Tacos – instead of salsa, try adding one of our sauces to your taco; or brown your meat with some of our BBQ sauce.
  • Queso – add a little 1934 “Heat” or “Hot” bbq sauce to your next batch of queso.
  • Baked potato – yep…you can pour some sauce on your potato to kick up the flavor.
  • Rice – when cooking rice, add a little sauce to the water to spice it up
  • Beans – add sauce to pinto or ranch style beans to enhance their flavor.
  • Scrambled eggs – kick up yours up a notch with a little sauce.
  • Cocktail wieners simmering in our sauce…..yum!
  • Shrimp – our sauce makes an awesome cocktail sauce. You can even baste some sauce on shrimp when grill/broiling. Add some sauce to the water when boiling shrimp for seasoning.
  • Fish & Scallops – are awesome cooked with our sauces.
  • Bread – dip some hot fresh bread in our sauce….extra yum!
  • Pizza – put one of our sauces on your pizza instead of pizza sauce.