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The year was 1934 Waco, Texas… the infancy of Central Texas BBQ (smoking meats low and slow) was being forged by the early pioneers we are so grateful for today. My grandfather was one of those storied pioneers experimenting with cooking techniques thru a trial and error process.

A founding member of a Waco charitable organization that found themselves in need of money, they decided to have a BBQ dinner to raise the needed funds. My grandfather created 1934 “Original” BBQ Sauce which was served at this annual BBQ event for over over six decades. Our true Texas Original sauce was served to several hundred thousand Texans at this Waco event, but never sold.

We are proud to make our family BBQ sauce available to all for the first time.

We introduced our internationally award winning 1934 Bloody Mary Mix in 2018 and it is quickly raising the bar and setting a new “standard of excellence” in the Bloody Mary industry.


The year our BBQ sauce was created.

The first Bloody Mary was mixed in the U.S.
The St. Louis Cardinals won the World Series.
Gold was twenty bucks an ounce.
Donald Duck, Shirley Temple and Flash Gordon made their debuts.
The average salary was $1,600.
The Chicago Black Hawks took the Stanley Cup and the New York Giants were NFL Champions.
John Dillinger, Bonnie & Clyde, Pretty Boy Floyd and Baby Face Nelson met their fate.
Gas was 10 cents, bread 8 cents, hamburger 12 cents.
Ritz crackers were introduced.
The year of The Dust Bowl.
A new house cost less than $6K.
And in theaters the movie “The Thin Man” premiered.

...............In Waco, Texas..............
Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys were creating country music
Cab Calloway performed at the Cotton Club



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