The year was 1934 Waco, Texas… the infancy of Central Texas BBQ (smoking meats low and slow) was being forged by the early pioneers we are so grateful for today.  My grandfather was one of those storied pioneers experimenting with cooking techniques thru a trial and error process. The process was not learned overnight and many attempts were tried from boiling meat to cooking over indirect heat. Back then there was no television, internet or anyone to ask how to cook BBQ, so one forged ahead by trial and error until a technique was achieved. In those early years BBQ was all about the meat…. BBQ sauce did not exist.

Ahead of his time he realized a sauce may enhance the flavor of the meat until his smoking technique was bettered. Thus the creation of this wonderful recipe we are now sharing with you. 1934 “Original” BBQ Sauce is Central Texas’ first and oldest BBQ sauce. For over six decades this true Texas Original sauce was served to several hundred thousand Texans at an annual BBQ event in Waco.

We are proud to make our family BBQ sauce available to all for the first time. Made with premium spices, a little black pepper and cider vinegar…. bold, thick and hearty…. this is true Central Texas BBQ sauce!

Whether you are cooking your first meal or a Pit Master competing in national events, 1934 BBQ Sauces will enhance the flavor of the foods you love. Try a bottle of our 1934 BBQ Sauce and taste a true Texas Original!

The best sauce you’ve never tasted!



Our Bloody Mary mix is not an eighty plus year old old product like our “Original” BBQ sauce but it is however the newest member of our family of products. Soon after the launch of our sauces a question was asked… “Can the spices you use in your BBQ sauces kick up a Bloody Mary?” That got me to thinking and the experimenting began. I would liken my trials in creating our mix to those of my grandfather eight decades before, with one variation. I began my process having decades of knowledge in recipe creation and experience in the food industry.

With the goal in front of me… I began experimenting with our premium spices and came up with our internationally award winning mix.

We hope you enjoy our products.

All our best….