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About Us

We have been making our family BBQ sauce and sharing it with family and friends since 1934… but have never sold it til now.

The accolades our products have received in the short time they have been on the market inspires us to continue our quest to share them with new friends like you.

As we continue to make our award winning sauces and Bloody Mary mix, we look forward to introducing new products with the same high standards of quality and superior taste.

We thank you for purchasing our products and look forward to meeting as many of “you” our customers as we can at events we participate in.

The truck on our home page is our 1930 Model A Ford pickup. This picture was taken at an event in Waco. We take the truck to most events when possible as fans love to see it. Unfortunately, while the truck was on display at an event an accident occurred with someone running into it. The damage was so severe it totaled the truck…. Since this time we have purchased another truck and are in the process of completing a ground up restoration on it.

We are excited to see it’s completion is nearing the end and look forward getting it back on the road and as well as to future events.