BBQ Sauce & Bloody Mary

A family recipe since, 1934

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We are proud to make our family BBQ sauce available to all for the first time.

– F Khoury

our history

over eight decades

1934 Waco, Texas… the infancy of Central Texas BBQ (smoking meats low and slow) was being forged by the early pioneers we are so grateful for today. My grandfather was one of those storied pioneers experimenting with cooking techniques thru a trial and error process.

He created our “Original” sauce for a BBQ fundraising event which was held for over over six decades. Our true Texas Original sauce was served to several hundred thousand Texans at this Waco event, but never sold til now.

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BBQ Sauce - Ranked in TOP 5 of the world
Bloody Mary - SIP Awards - Cigar & Spirits Magazine - USA Trade Tasting - Bartender Spirits Awards - Bloody Mary Fest - Drunken Tomato
bloody mary mix michelada
cigar and spirits bloody mary
cigar and spirits bloody mary

our products

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central texas' first bbq sauce

Bold and thick…a little black pepper and apple cider vinegar. Just what you would expect from a “true” Texas BBQ sauce. Central Texas’ oldest BBQ sauce.


smoked ancho chilies

A unique blend of premium spices with smoked Ancho chilies…creating the perfect smoke flavor.


smoked anchos + cayenne

We took our Smoke BBQ sauce and added the right amount of cayenne pepper to provide a medium level heat that will enhance the flavor of your foods, without overpowering them.

sweet onion

original + sweet onions

We added the perfect amount of sweet onions to our Original sauce smoothing out the vinegar taste to create smooth sweet flavor.

bloody mary

& michelada mix

world class

Our 1934 Handcrafted Bloody Mary small batch mix is made with a unique blend of quality ingredients providing superior world class taste. A thick bold full-body flavor mix that won’t water down in your glass. Also excellent to make Micheladas! Setting the new standard of excellence in the Bloody Mary industry.​


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Smoke Shack Meat Market – 3710 Broadway
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Hye Rum Distillery
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Los Olivos – 13904 Ranch Road 12


London Ontario
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– 240 Exeter Rd. (inside Mattress Depot)


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Our BBQ sauces are great on chicken, beef, pork and fish as well other foods.
Add sauce to scrambled eggs, chicken wings, queso, chili, pizza, beans or cocktail wieners.
Mix sauce with pasta and add grilled chicken or shrimp or vegetables.
We have customers using our BBQ sauces for steak sauce and to marinate meat with before cooking.
Our sauce is so good, you can just dip bread in it and enjoy.
Bloody Mary
Our Bloody Mary mix makes one of the best Bloody Mary drinks you will ever taste! Mix it with your favorite vodka, clear rum, gin or tequila.
Michelada – add an ounce or two of our mix to your favorite beer to make a fabulous drink. Some call it a “Red Beer” or “Red Eye” whatever you choose to call it…it’s good.
Our mix can also be used to spice up foods. Add some mix to marinate meat balls, kick up your spaghetti, marinara sauce or your meatloaf.  Marinate vegetable skewers or ad some mix to your crock pot for spicing up venison or chicken.
Kick up tomato soup, make Gazpacho, or use to spice up a dip.
Oyster shooters! Pour some mix into a shot glass and ad a raw oyster…..amazing!
There are numerous ways to use our products to enhance the flavors of the foods you love. Experiment yourself and share on social media how you like our products best.

In Waco…

Our  “Original” bbq sauce was created.
Bob Wills & The Texas Playboys were making country music.
Cab Calloway played the Cotton Club.
The Aggies and Bears were playing football…

Across the country –

John Dillinger, Pretty Boy Floyd, Baby Face Nelson and Bonnie and Clyde all met their fate.
Al Capone goes to Alcatraz.
The Loch Ness Monster is spotted for the first time.
Gold was $20.67 per oz.
Average Cost of new house $5,970.00
Average wage per year $1,600.00.
Gallon of gas cost 10 cents.
You could rent a house for $20.00 /mo.
A loaf of bread was 8 cents., a lb. of hamburger meat was 12 cents.
Donald Duck first appeared.
Shirley Temple made her 1st movie, “Stand Up and Cheer”.
Flash Gordon” comic strip debuts.
Ritz crackers introduced.
St. Louis Cardinals defeated the Detroit Tigers to win the World Series.
The New York Football Giants were the NFL Champions.
Chicago Black Hawks won the Stanley Cup.
Minnesota (8-0-0) were the NCAA Football Champions.
The 1st Masters golf championship began at Augusta.
The Chicago Bears beat the Detroit Lions in the 1st nationally broadcast NFL game.
The National League voted to permit night baseball.
The Dust Bowl…

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Some of the wonderful people we have met at events.

customer reviews

"The best Bloody Mary on the planet."
"The vest sauce I've ever tasted."
"Truly one of the best BBQ sauces on the market. And their Bloody Mary mix compares to no other... this company has it going on.
"Amazing....OMG!I could drink this mix everyday."
1934 bloody mary mix
"I tried their BBQ sauce at a grilling store in Colorado... SOLD! I found my sauce for life."



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